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Seminars Abroad Mexico - Instructor

Water Management in a Mega-City

Dr. Samuel Solis Sandoval

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Land, Air and Water Resources

Samuel Sandoval Solis is an Associate Professor and Specialist in Water Resources at University of California, Davis. He is responsible for the water management and policy research program at UC Davis. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a master’s degree in Hydraulics and a Ph.D. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. Samuel has explored strategies to improve the water management throughout the world. Samuel is using his expertise to improve the water management in California, Mexico and the rest of the world by designing policies that balance the water supply for human and environmental requirements.

A Message to Students and Parents

I was born and raised in Mexico City and I am passionate about water management. Going beyond what is in the news media, scientific articles, magazines or in books, I truly believe in experiential learning, putting students in situations where they learn by doing and experimenting. Student will understand and experience the challenges of water resources management in Megacities. Also, they will experience the Mexican culture, an ancient culture rich in traditions, people, art, music and food. The National Polytechnic Institute (the second largest University Systems in Mexico) is our project partner, and they will provide accommodation, transportation, and services in a safe university environment."